Vital Records


Required documents:

· Notarized and duly signed Birth Registration Application form.

· One original Birth certificate. (no older than three months) and two certified copies.

· Two Copies of both Parents Tunisian's ID (C.I.N.* or valid passports).

· Birth Certificate Fees (See consular fees list).

· Certified mail Self-addressed stamped envelope if by mail.

· The consular fees are to be paid by postal order in the name of Tunisian Embassy if by mail.


· If one of the Parents is non-Tunisian, please send a copy of their Passport or ID.

· Please be advised to bring cash for the consular fees if you come to the embassy. We do not accept payments by cheque or credit card.



· Application Form duly completed and signed.

· Copy of Tunisian Passport or Tunisian ID.

· Copy of Spouse’s Passport or ID.

· Copy of a recent Tunisian Birth Certificate.

· Copy of Spouse’s Birth Certificate.

· Certified copy of the British Marriage Certificate or the Original Certificate.

· Certified mail Self-addressed stamped envelope if by mail.