Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries:

• Is it necessary for me to make an in-person visit to the consulate, or can I submit my application via mail?

A majority of consular procedures are eligible for submission via mail. Our objective is to provide convenience, particularly for those in the diaspora residing at a distance from London. However, it is imperative that documents requiring legalisation at the embassy are notarised when submitting applications by mail, such as parental consent for child passport applications.

• I have attempted to contact the telephone number listed on your website multiple times, but I have been unable to connect with anyone.

It is important to be aware that we receive a substantial volume of phone calls on a daily basis, and the line may be occupied when you attempt to reach us. It is advisable to prioritize communication via email, as it enables us to deliver more efficient assistance and provide the requisite information.

• What are your operational hours?

The consular section operates from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

• What is your address?

The Embassy of Tunisia in London is situated at 29 Princes Gate, SW7 1QG, London.

Consular Registration:

• What is the validity period of my consular registration card?

The consular registration card is valid for a duration of two years.

• Must I possess legal status to apply for consular registration?

Legal residence status is a prerequisite for consular registration.

• What are the applicable fees for consular registration?

For information on consular fees, please consult the provided fee schedule.

Birth Registration:

• What documents are required for birth registration?

A detailed list of required documents can be found in our website for your reference.

• Can I download the application forms online?

Certainly, you may access and download the application forms via the provided link.

• I am over 18 and wish to apply for the transcription of my birth and a Tunisian passport for the first time. What are the necessary steps?

Upon reaching the age of 18, it is mandatory to apply for a certificate of nationality from the Tunisian Ministry of Justice prior to seeking the transcription of your birth.

• I previously transcribed my child's birth, but I have misplaced the Tunisian birth certificate. Can I initiate a new birth registration process?

It is strictly prohibited to transcribe a birth more than once; this process is a one-time procedure in an individual's life. Should you no longer possess a Tunisian birth certificate, please engage with our services to facilitate the issuance of a new certificate based on your provided information (name, first name, and date of birth).

• Is there a specific timeframe within which I must complete the transcription of my children's birth?

No, you may proceed with the transcription of your children's births at any point, as long as they remain below 18 years of age. If they attain this age, they will be required to apply for a certificate of nationality from the Ministry of Justice.

Passport Services:

• What documents are obligatory for applying, renewing, or obtaining a duplicate passport?

A comprehensive list of the necessary documents can be accessed via the following link.

• Is it possible to download application forms online?

Certainly, all application forms are readily accessible through this provided link.

• Can I submit my passport application by mail?

Indeed, this is permissible. However, it is essential to enclose a prepaid return envelope, bearing your address, and a postal order for consular fees made payable to the Tunisian Embassy. Do not forget to provide your precise contact details within the accompanying contact form.

• What is the typical processing time for passport issuance?

The processing duration is contingent on various factors. In general, the timeframe typically ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. In certain instances, the application may necessitate referral to Tunisian authorities, which could extend the processing period (e.g., change of consular district, irregular residency status, lost or damaged passport, etc.).

• I submitted my application several months ago, yet I have not received any response. What might be the reason?

Some applications received via mail may lack the requisite personal data form, leading to the retention of incomplete applications while we endeavor to contact the applicants. This complicates the passport processing procedure. As such, all incomplete applications will henceforth be returned to their senders. We kindly advise a thorough review to ensure all requisite documents are included when mailing your application.

• Am I permitted to apply on behalf of my husband, brother, or other relatives?

No, you may only apply on behalf of your children under the age of 18. For all other relatives, this is not permissible, as the process is of a personal nature and must be initiated by the concerned individual.

• Can I renew my passport if it remains valid for more than six months?

Yes, renewal is possible; however, a written and notarized request explaining the reasons for renewal (e.g., exhausted pages or a specific need) will be required.

Visa Services:

• Is there an e-visa procedure, and can I apply for a visa online?

Currently, visa applications are processed in person or by mail at the Tunisian Embassy in London, and there is no online application process.

• Is there a fast-track service available?

There is no fast-track service, which underscores the importance of ensuring that you apply within the specified timeframes.

• Can I submit my application by mail, and should I include my passport?

You may submit your application by mail, but please ensure that you have included the application form and all the required documents. It is not necessary to send the passport; a photocopy of the first page will suffice. However, please note that all incomplete applications will be returned to the sender.

• How is the visa affixed to my passport?

To collect your visa, it is advisable to visit in person with your passport. Alternatively, you can send your passport by mail along with a stamped envelope, but in this case, you assume full responsibility in the event of passport loss.

• How long does the processing of the application take?

Allow for a minimum of six weeks (working days) for visa application processing. However, it is recommended to apply three months before your intended travel to ensure a timely response.

• Is my application processed at the embassy?

No, all received applications are forwarded to the relevant authorities in Tunisia for adjudication. Consequently, there is no guarantee of a positive response to visa applications.

• Do holders of travel documents in the United Kingdom need to apply for a visa?

Yes, individuals with travel documents are required to apply for a visa if their original nationality necessitates it.