Recapping ATUGE UK's Tunisia Business Forum

11/22/20231 min read

Date: Tuesday, 21st November 2023
Time: 05:30 PM (London Time)
Venue: Bentley Hotel London

In a grand gathering at the Bentley Hotel London, the Tunisia Business Forum, organized by ATUGE UK in collaboration with the World Alliance of Tunisian Talents (WATT), was a remarkable evening that celebrated Tunisian talent, entrepreneurship, and global cooperation.

The Tunisia Business Forum brought together a distinguished lineup of speakers who generously shared their expertise and insights. Here's a recap of the esteemed speakers who graced the occasion:

1. Fakhri Selmi - ATUGE UK President.

2. Yassine El Oued - Tunisian Ambassador in London.

3. Jed Mrabet - President of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce.

4. Oula Tarssim - Senior Project Manager and Migration and Diaspora Expert at GIZ.

5. Karim Beguir - Founder of InstaDeep (Guest Speaker).