National scholarship

A national scholarship for students from Tunisian families residing abroad.

11/20/20231 min read

The Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in London would like to inform that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has decided to grant a national scholarship to benefit students from Tunisian families residing abroad who are pursuing higher education in public institutions in Tunisia, provided that the net annual income of their parents is less than the guaranteed minimum wage in the country of residence.

The students are entitled to a monthly scholarship according to the prevailing regulations, as well as a travel allowance for a round trip between Tunisia and the place of residence of the family once a year.

An additional grant may also be awarded to cover the cost of educational supplies equivalent to one month's scholarship, excluding students who have failed or doctoral students.

Students interested in applying for this national scholarship should obtain the relevant application form from the website of the University Services Office to which the student is affiliated and complete the required documents:

Applications for the scholarship must be submitted to the embassy no later than January 15, 2024.